Minimum Order Policy

Alpha Source maintains a minimum order requrement of $50.00. Shipping & Handling charges do not apply towards the minimum order requirement. 

Order Cancellation Policy

For special orders, blanket orders of custom-made products the order is not cancellable. For all other orders, the order may be canceled prior to the product being selected for shipment. 

Exchange Policy

For products sold on an "Exchange" basis, an identical exchange product must be returned to the Alpha Source within 15 days of the ship date. Failure to return will result in an invoice for the core charge which can be as much as 100% of the product price. Exchange products are identified at the time of sale and noted on all invoices. 

Restock Policy

Alpha Source may allow the restocking of products up to 3 days from the product deliver date to the original address, unless otherwise specified at the time of sale. No restock credit will be issued for:

  • A Purchase Order less than $150 (USD); Shipping & Handling charges do not apply.
  • Special orders, blanket orders or custom-made products;
  • OEM sealed products where the seal has been broken.

All Restocks Require:

  • Notification to Alpha Source of the intent to restock the part within 3 days of the product delivery date;
  • A valid RMA number;

Please contact the Alpha Source Customer Service staff at (414) 760-2222 for notification of the restock intent and to request a RMA number.

If the product is returned with a valid RMA number to Alpha Source within 15 days of the notification of intent to restock the product and passes the Alpha Source Quality Assurance Inspection, the following restock credit will apply: Unopened: 75% restock credit. Opened (unused/undamaged): 50% restock credit.

No credit will be issued for any products returned to Alpha Source after 15 days of the notification of intent to restock the product.

Warranty Policy

Alpha Source warrants its New products against any manufacturing defects to the applicable term of the manufacturer. For all Refurbished, Repaired, or Harvested products, the warranty period will be specified at the time of sale. 

All Warranty Claims Require:

  • Notification to Alpha Source of the warranty claim within the applicable warranty period;
  • A valid RMA number requested within the applicable warranty period;
  • The return of the product to Alpha Source within 15 days of the issuance of the RMA;
  • A technical validation performed by Alpha Source once the product has been recieved;
  • The purchase of a warranty replacement product.

Please contact the Alpha Source Customer Service staff at (414) 760-2222 for notification of the warranty claim and to request a RMA number. 

No credit will be issued for any products returned to Alpha Source after 15 days of the warranty claim notification. 

Limitations on Warranty

Warranty adjustments will only be considered if a product fails or becomes inoperative within the published technical performance, and is used under "normal intended usage." Use of the product under "other than normal intended usage" shall void the warranty. Additionally, the warranty does not apply to any loss, damage, failure and/or malfunction relating in any way to shipping, storage, accident, abuse, misuse, alteration, equipment malfunction, or breaking of any seals on the product. The entire obligation of Alpha Source under this warranty is to repair or replace the defective products, or at its option, to issue credit or refund. In no event shall Alpha Source be liable for consequential or special damages. 

Shipping Policy

All products shall be shipped FOB Origin with prepaid freight at customer's expense, and title and risk of loss shall pass to customer at that point. 

Return Shipping

To insure proper handling all products must be returned freight prepaid to Alpha Source with a valid RMA number, in the format below:

Alpha Source Inc.

ATTN: RMA#_______

6619 W. Calumet Road

Milwaukee, WI 53223-4186


Territory Restriction

Under no circumstances shall customer, directly or indirectly, (i) promote, advertise, offer for sale, or sell any products purchased from Alpha Source to any person or entity located outside of the 50 states of the United States of America and the District of Columbia (collectively, the "Territory"), or (ii) ship or use any products purchased from Alpha Source, or allow the products to be shipped or used, outside the Territory, in each case except as may be approved in advance and in writing by Alpha Source. Any customer in violation of this provision will indemnify Alpha Source for any and all claims, suits, proceedings, losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses that arise form or relate to such violation of this provision.

Panasonic Product Notice

Panasonic batteries, including those sold through Alpha Source, are not intended for use in critical medical equipment. By purchasing Panasonic batteries through Alpha Source, the Customer acknowledges agreement with the aforementioned statement.

Standard Terms and Conditions for CT, MR, and Nuclear Medicine Parts


In the event any product sold or delivered by AS/BCT is damaged during shipment to the Customer, the Customer shall give AS/BCT written notice of such damage within three (3) days of delivery.  If notification is not given with such time frame, the Customer waives any claim against AS/BCT for any determinable deficiency or defect in said delivery or product, unless otherwise agreed by AS/BCT.  Customer agrees to inspect all products immediately upon delivery to verify: (a) the quantities described in the accompanying delivery ticket are the quantities delivered, and (b) there are no visible defects. The Customer also agrees to examine all delivery tickets and invoices upon receipt.  In the event the Customer directs AS/BCT to deliver any product, and the Customer does not have a representative present at the time of delivery, the Customer authorizes AS/BCT, or its designated carrier, to leave the product at the designated place of delivery. Upon said delivery, the Customer will be responsible for the product. 


AS/BCT’s standard parts warranty is one (1) year from date of shipment, unless otherwise noted.  The first ninety (90) days of such warranty shall be full replacement, and the remaining nine (9) months of such warranty shall be prorated from the date of shipment.  The following parts shall be excluded from such warranty (“Excluded Items”): Image Generation Nodes, DARC Modules, Gradient Amplifiers, Gradient Power Supplies, Gradient Processor Modules, RF Amplifiers, RF Interface Modules, MRI Coils, and consumable/supply items (including, but not limited to, brushes, collimator filters, film cassettes, phantoms, magnetic tapes, optical disks, table cushions, patient restraints and holders).  Excluded Items shall have a ninety (90) day full replacement warranty.  X-Ray Tubes and X-Ray Detectors shall also be excluded, and shall be warranted on a sale by sale basis, as further described on the sales quotation and agreed via purchase order.  AS/BCT must be notified in writing of a warranty claim within the set warranty period in order to receive warranty credit.  The warranty part must be returned within ten (10) days of this notification.  The Exchange/Returns Survey, included in the product shipment, must be filled out with details describing the failure of the part(s).  If the sale was on an exchange basis, then the original exchange part is still required.  Failure to return warranty parts may result in additional billing at the discretion of AS/BCT.  Failure to remit payment in a timely manner to AS/BCT may void all warranties, at the discretion of AS/BCT.  The AS/BCT standard warranty shall not cover damage caused by misuse or abuse, fire, water, building collapse, power failure or fluctuations, vandalism, riot, air conditioning failure, or “acts of god” (i.e. tornado, hurricane, earthquake, etc.). If a part or product is not installed by AS/BCT or covered by a AS/BCT Service Agreement, any damage resulting from faulty installation or service, as determined in the sole discretion of AS/BCT, or any other damage caused by actions contrary to the advice of AS/BCT, shall not be covered by warranty. 

Good Parts/Return Credits/Restock Fees

The following rates apply if the part is returned in the same condition in which it was sent, in the sole discretion of AS/BCT.  If the part is returned and found to be defective or tampered with, then return credit will not apply.  Restock rates vary, based on the following conditions:

  1. Part(s) returned unopened, meaning that the AS/BCT seal, or part(s) seal, has not been broken: 
  1. Returned within 10 days: 85% return credit (15% restock fee);
  2. Returned 11 to 30 days: 80% return credit (20% restock fee).
  1. Part(s) returned opened, meaning that the AS/BCT seal, or part(s) seal has been broken:
  1. Returned within 10 days: 80% return credit (20% restock fee);
  2. Returned 11 to 30 days: 75% return credit (25% restock fee).

Any parts returned 31-60 days will qualify for 50% return credit (50% restock fee).  Items returned after 60 days do not qualify for return credit.  

DOA Parts

DOA (Dead on Arrival) parts must be reported within three (3) days of receiving the part(s).  Damage in shipping must be noted on the delivery ticket.  The part must be received at AS/BCT within 10 days of receipt of the part, or sooner, if requested.  The reference numbers (waybill & invoice/packing list) must appear on the box or be with the shipment. The part must be received unaltered.  Parts that are tampered with will not be credited.  The Exchange/Returns Survey must be filled out with details describing the failure of the part(s) in order to be eligible for full credit.

Exchange Parts

If your transaction with AS/BCT was made on an exchange basis, then a comparable exchange part is required.  To qualify as a “comparable” part, it must be complete and of the same part number, unless otherwise approved by a AS/BCT representative.  All exchange parts are subject to review, and additional billing may occur for parts that do not meet the set criteria.  This exchange part must be received at AS/BCT within 30 days, or an outright price will be billed/charged.  By default, and unless otherwise noted, this outright price is OEM outright list price plus 20%, charged in addition to the exchange price.  

Procedures for returns

All Exchanges and Returns should be sent to the appropriate address listed below.  All returns are to be packed properly and insured.  Shipping and insurance costs are the responsibility of the customer except in the case of DOA parts. The customer is responsible for all insurance claims on return or exchange parts that are damaged in shipping. If Customer chooses not to insure and damage occurs during shipment, then warranty credit or replacements may not be issued. Special crates or packages must be returned to avoid additional charges.


All credits received will be applied to the customer’s account unless otherwise requested.  If an unpaid balance exists on the account, any credits received will be applied as payment towards this balance. If the above conditions are not met, then credit may not be issued or may be delayed.


The Customer shall provide a Purchase Order, and pay the full amount of each invoice in advance of sale, unless otherwise notified in writing of payment terms by AS/BCT.  Customer agrees to pay a service charge on the outstanding balance for which payment has not been received according to terms stated. The service charge shall be one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month of the Customer’s outstanding past due balance after deducting current payments and credits. Such service charges shall become part of the Customer’s outstanding balance. The Customer warrants that it will use all goods purchased and rented under this account for business purposes and that the Customer is not a consumer as defined by all applicable federal or state usury law. However, if the Customer is a consumer, the interest rate is automatically reduced to the highest rate allowed by applicable law. Additional billing invoices will be issued if an exchange, DOA, or otherwise returnable part is not received per agreed upon terms and at the discretion of AS/BCT.  AS/BCT reserves the right to charge any credit card on file to fulfill payment of any past due billing invoices.  At least one notification will be sent before any credit card is charged. 

Ownership of part

Title of any part sold hereunder shall not pass until payment is made in full to AS/BCT.

Warranty Disclaimer


Limitation of Liability


Sanctioned Countries

Customer affirms and warrants that no part or product purchased from AS/BCT will be sent, whether directly or indirectly, to a country or region currently under economic sanction regulations by the United States government, unless the appropriate export licenses have been obtained and copies of such licenses submitted to and verified by AS/BCT.


If the Customer fails to pay pursuant to the terms of this Agreement and AS/BCT elects to take legal action to collect this account, the Customer shall pay all costs incurred by AS/BCT including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees, court costs, expert witness fees, sheriff’s fees, special process server fees and bond costs. The Customer assigns to AS/BCT as security for any indebtedness, incurred or to be incurred to AS/BCT, all of its existing or hereinafter acquired: accounts receivable, equipment, and inventory.  The parties agree that this is the entire agreement and that no oral representation or agreement has been made which would modify this Agreement, or be considered a condition precedent or subsequent to the enforcement of this agreement. These terms are current as of the revision date and may be changed at any time without notice.