We manufacture battery packs that meet your mechanical, electrical and quality requirements. Our strategic alliances with the world’s leading battery cell manufacturers combined with our engineering expertise, assure the best portable power solutions. We can manufacture hard-to-find battery packs and support end-of-service-life equipment with custom manufactured components.

Alpha Source’s manufacturing and value-added assembly capabilities are certified to ISO 13485:2016 and MDSAP, and follow FDA cGMP protocols.

In addition to custom battery packs, we assemble ancillary support PCB’s, charging units and other electronic components to meet precise specifications for medical devices including imaging equipment, defibrillators, patient monitoring equipment, ventilators and other portable electronic devices.

Other manufacturing capabilities include: rapid prototyping, short-run production, custom packaging design, regulatory compliance, logistics and just-in-time delivery.

PLEASE NOTE – In January ’21 we updated the labeling on the medical device batteries that we manufacture so that it complies with Harmonization Symbol Standard ISO15223-1 certification.  For complete details, download the following letter.