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Ultrasound Service
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Alpha Source knows how important it is to get the most value from your ultrasound equipment. We offer a range of full service, preventative maintenance, and repair parts and service to help keep your ultrasound equipment delivering high quality images and maximum uptime with minimum disruption to your patient schedule. Whether you typically rely on the OEM or have an in-house maintenance team, we have a service offering that meets your needs.

Ultrasound Service

Hospitals, imaging centers, and physician offices count on our nationwide network of trained and certified field service engineers, with over 250 combined years of ultrasound service expertise to keep their imaging equipment providing exceptional patient care. These engineers deliver corrective and preventative maintenance, quality assurance analysis and training on ultrasound equipment.

Our field engineers are trained to the highest standards. They are equipped to complete repairs as proficiently as possible because we provide them with:

  • Comprehensive tools and test equipment
  • Advanced and all-inclusive training
  • Escalation support including teleconferencing with technical support engineers
  • Extensive system backups, configurations and a service history database
  • Availability to certified parts
  • All-encompassing preventative maintenance process
  • OEM technical and clinical support

We offer 4 different service plans to meet your needs in a cost-efficient manner. The essential part of all of our service plans is that our comprehensive preventative maintenance actions will assure your system meets accreditation standards and is performing optimally, while increasing meantime between failures.

Ultrasound Parts

Our commitment to the ultrasound imaging market is illustrated through our extensive inventory of ultrasound equipment replacement parts. Alpha Source stocks the replacement parts you need for timely repairs performed either by your in-house biomed technicians or by our nationwide team of highly trained field service engineers. We specialize in hard-to-find parts for GE Healthcare end-of-service-life ultrasound equipment such as the Logiq and Voluson. We also inventory service parts and provide repairs for Philips and Siemens models of ultrasound equipment.

Our capabilities allow us to offer same day shipment on most parts with a 98% same day fill rate. This allows you to return your equipment to good working order with minimal disruption to patient scheduling.

Alpha Source builds quality into every parts shipment through our 100% parts inspection process. Each part order is thoroughly inspected for accuracy, packaged appropriately, and shipped on-time to healthcare customers worldwide.

Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) makes it easy to order parts. We offer streamlined parts ordering processes that consolidate multiple purchase orders into a single electronic transaction. Our expert customer service representatives help you cross- reference OEM part numbers, assist with part identification and answer questions on parts availability and alternatives.

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